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How would you like to fly in a World War II Warbird?

Give the gift of flight to a loved one. IEW's beautiful Harvard II / T-6 is available for Warbird Rides to thrill those you know who love the sound and feel of old WWII radial engines!

You can fly in IEW's beautifully restored and maintained Harvard II / T-6 in the skies over the most scenic areas of the Inland Empire. In addition to being a memorable adventure for you, a memorable ride in our T-6 makes a great gift of flight for a husband, wife, father, or other loved one in your life. Gift Certificates are available! Bring a camera and capture memorable photo opportunities of the Inland Empire!

IEW is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.
WWII Aircraft rides are the perfect gift for: 
  • An aviation enthusiast

  • Employee Rewards for a Corporation

  • A former pilot or veteran

  • Military History buff

  • Thrillseeker

  • A gift that someone will always remember

  • A bucket list

  • A pilot that wants something unique and exceptional. 

  • A Gift certificate that a person can use at their best opportunity. 

  • Someone that wants a tax write-off opportunity that is exciting! 

  • Photographers (email for special opportunities)

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